Is not About Mr Ansar Uncomitted, Garnas: Rudi Who Broke with 3 His Promisses

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Nagoya News, BATAM – The allegations from one of the supporters of Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi who stated that The Governor of Kepri Ansar Ahmad is not committed to make the Golkar Kepri Party and the wing organizations in the Golkar Party furious.

This is related to the unful granted request of Rudi in the political cake ration, starting from the chair of the Regional Secretary (Sekda) and three service heads by the Governor of Kepri Ansar Ahmad.

Chairman of the National Guard (Garnas) Batam City, Ryan Jimmi Siburian said, what was conveyed by the order is not true, and he finally joined the talk to straighten out the polemic.

Ryan explained that his party wanted to straighten out the oblique news that started from a mutual agreement between Ansar Ahmad’s stronghold and Muhammad Rudi’s stronghold that had been built at the Radisson Hotel.

In the meeting was attended by 5 personnel as negotiators, from Golkar Party there was chairman of DPD I Golkar Kepri Party Ahmad Maruf Maulana, Governor of Kepri Ansar Ahmad as well as senior politicians of Golkar Party and also Vice Chairman of DPRD Tanjungpinang Ade Angga. While from the Nasdem Party there is the name of Chairman Nasdem Kepri and Mayor of Batam Muhammad Rudi and Iskandar Alamsyah.

“Try asking Rudi about this, remember or not?,” Ryan said.

There are some important points if we want to dismantle all let me know, who Rudi and who Ansar.

The result of the agreement:

1. Golkar Party supported Rudi in Batam elections, and Rudi with Nasdem supported Apri and Robby in Bintan elections. But in fact Rudi and Nasdem advanced the candidates in Bintan, and fortunately the candidates who were encouraged by Golkar won and Rudi’s support candidates lost.

2. Batam and Karimun should be the target of Nasdem to win Ansar-Marlin, the realization of the big Rudi vote and Ansar-Marlin lost to in Batam. Rudi can rhetorically in such a way, but political facts show the real evidence.

3. For Tanjungpinang, Rudi has a commitment to support Golkar Party cadre Ade Angga to run for executive seat as Deputy Mayor of Tanjungpinang, but the reality is raw.

Of the 3 commitments above seen from the presentation of Rudi’s identity in building a commitment that was never achieved, then how is it possible to urge commitment from his political friends?

This is not to mention in the question of assessment of the professionalism of figures, because the Governor of Kepri Ansar will think to put a decent person first, have expertise, have an idea to build Kepri in the future.

“It is not the origin of the push people who do not have the competence to run for secretary and three heads of service, because this concerns the future welfare of the people of Kepri,” he said.

When the request is not granted, finally suddenly until getting emotional (baper). Last joked about wanting to bring down the supporting order to declare Ansar un committed.

“I as the Chairman of Garnas Batam City and friends will fully support the policy of Mr. Ansar whoever his opponent Garnas ready to advance as a posse Ansar in the future build Kepri more advanced. I believe Mr. Ansar will put the interests of the People of Kepri ahead of sharing the cake in his political affairs,” Ryan said. (ger)

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